May 19, 2022

99 People Remain Missing After Collapse of a Residential Building; Hints of Olivia Wilde, 37, and Harry Styles, 27, Relationship; Brooke Shields Suffered Fractured Femur; Woman Watched Helplessly as a Man Drives Away with Her Car in Car Wash; Chicago Brewery Helps Homebrewers Get Their Products Into Stores

99 People Remain Unaccounted for Following the Partial Collapse of a Residential Building in Surfside, Florida

At least 99 individuals are still missing after a residential complex in Surfside, Florida, partially collapsed early Thursday. Teams of search and rescue personnel are scurrying to locate survivors. At least one person has been reported dead, and at least 11 others have been injured. Additionally, emergency officials are urging residents to phone 305-614-1819 if they have family who are missing. It is still not known what caused the building to collapse.

The following are the reported facts surrounding the structure thus far:

  • It is located at 8777 Collins Avenue, just a few miles north of Miami Beach.
  • According to Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett, it was constructed in the 1980s and was “not lightly occupied.”
  • The 12-story structure contains 136 flats. According to Ray Jadallah of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, approximately 55 apartment units collapsed.
  • Kenneth Direktor, an attorney for the building’s residents association, the structure underwent “thorough engineering examinations over the last several months” in preparation for compliance with a 40-year certification.

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crew is frantically searching for the remaining 99 people. According to CNN’s Rosa Flores, the rescue crew members are highly trained and have previously responded to crises in places such as Haiti and Mexico.

A government official had described to CNN the nature of the task performed by these workers.

“This type of work is so dangerous and so painstaking, they literally move inch by inch. They move a piece of rubble. They’re working with structural engineers to shore up the building, to build tunnels to go into the building, to listen for signs of life,” Flores reported.

Crews perform an “all halt” at various intervals during their search and rescue effort to listen for any sign of life.

“But there are a lot of challenges, though. This is a residential building. So, as you might imagine, the pipes have burst. There are fumes. There’s gas. There are also vehicles. So, there is a lot that they are dealing with as they are trying to find signs of life,” she added.

Olivia Wilde, 37, Drops Subtle Hints Confirming Her Relationship with Harry Styles, 27

While actress and filmmaker Olivia Wilde and singer Harry Styles have remained relatively silent about their relationship, for the most part, there have been some subtle hints dropped here and there.

According to the Daily Mail, Olivia was recently photographed driving Harry’s $87,000 Range Rover around Los Angeles while out with her friends.

Harry and Olivia have been keeping a quiet profile over the recent months following Harry’s Grammy victory in March. The duo appears to be growing closer as they spent time together at Harry’s London residence. Olivia has returned to the United States after spending time with Harry on the set of his current film, My Policeman. As of now, there is no news on whether Harry returned to the states with her.

The couple met on the production of Olivia’s new film, Don’t Worry Darling, which stars the singer, and, according to reports, the two hit it off immediately during the “many days on set.”

The two have been utilizing the last three weeks to “unwind, relax, and really enjoy some one-on-one time,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

“Their idea of a good time is going for a long walk and ducking into a neighborhood pub,” a source told ET. They did just that on April 14th, according to The Mirror, when they were purportedly spotted at a West London bar.

A source who spotted them said, “They looked very cozy on an intimate table for two away from other diners.” Apparently, “they were grinning like Cheshire cats at each other all night,” and Olivia “had her legs crossed and gently nudged against him. They looked completely smitten.”

Though they have not officially confirmed that they are together, they were initially photographed together in early January, holding hands and being cozy with each other at Harry’s agent’s wedding in Montecito, California. Harry presided over the wedding and, according to Us Weekly, while delivering a speech at the event, he referred to Olivia as his girlfriend.

Brooke Shields Undergoes Physical Therapy Following a Fractured Femur

Brooke Shields is recovering from a terrible leg injury and staph infection and making breakthroughs in physical therapy.

“I’m on another plateau,” the 55-year-old actress tells PEOPLE of her recovery process when we caught up with the star for her partnership with EltaMD. “I’m now with no crutches and no cane, and I’m starting to work out again. But… there’s bone soreness, and there’s a lot of weakness.”

“I’m able to stand on that leg fully and balance, and I’m getting all of that back and just kinetically getting more connected again and re-educating all of my muscles to fire appropriately again,” she says.

“It’s been a lot of work, though,” she continues. “You really have to do it every day, and you have to have a mindset because it can be very frustrating.”

The actress has realized that the healing process is lengthy and that she must exercise patience.

“I now know that, okay, it’s going to take a while for me to be able to fully be as strong as I used to be,” she says. “But every day, it’s a little bit better, and I’m beginning each day to start fresh.”

Shields compares her leg’s healing process to eight years ago to the discovery of a precancerous lesion on her skin that required removal. Her injury appeared insurmountable at times, but she has gradually improved.

With sun damage, “You get really frustrated because it’s considered damaged, and you think, ‘Oh, I’ve already done it,’ but it’s never too late to start protecting your skin,” she explains.

After that incident, the mother of two learned to be “vigilant” about applying sunscreen and caring for her skin.

“That was just a very scary diagnosis, and the fact that it had to be actually cut out of my lip is a terrifying situation to find yourself in,” she says. “That’s when I started incorporating [sunscreen] into my daily routine, not just bringing it with me on vacation or in the summer.”

Shield highlights that “preemptive, preventative” care for your skin “is really important.”

Chicago Woman Watched Helplessly as a Man Drives Away with Her Car While in Car Wash

It was a brazen crime committed at a Chicago car wash. On Wednesday, a woman stood by and watched her car being stolen. The suspect stepped up to the vehicle and drove away while it was being dried off by personnel.

“I was so caught off guard,” she said.

“When you do come, you leave your key in the car, and the car is running because they process it like a valet service,” said Felicia Johnson.

Johnson’s 2012 black Lexus IS 250 is seen being hand-dried on surveillance video at the We Wash Hand Car Wash in the 2000 block of South Halsted. Then, all of a sudden, someone approaches her car, climbs inside, and drives away.

“As I’m paying and getting ready to come out, he’s jumping in and pulling off,” said Johnson.

According to Chicago Police, the incident occurred shortly before 6 p.m. The man fled eastbound on 21st Street from Halsted. The suspect also struck another woman on a bicycle while escaping.

“Just so traumatic. I feel like it was just a violation of my privacy,” said Johnson.

“Today, I came in and talked to one of the employees. I think he’s a manager or a part owner,” said Johnson. “He showed me the surveillance video. While we were watching the video, he did confirm that this is like the second occurrence this year.”

Johnson says she owns a home health firm and is unable to work without her car. She is hoping for a resolution.

“People are doing things like this,” Johnson said. “So you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

According to Chicago Police data, the city is experiencing an alarming increase in carjackings. Six hundred sixteen people have been carjacked so far this year. Through May 30, 2020, there were 308 carjackings, up from 308 at the same period last year. Additionally, the year 2020 saw a record 135 percent increase in carjackings.

In May, Chicago had an average of four carjackings each day.

FOX 32 reached out to We Wash Hand Car Wash for comment on Thursday evening but received no response.

Chicago Brewery Helps Homebrewers in Getting Their Products Into Stores

It might cost millions of dollars for would-be brewers to produce and launch their products from their garage to store shelves. However, a new brewery near Logan Square does this without posing a significant financial risk to homebrewers. In addition, a part of the proceeds from the tap room’s sales is donated to various charities.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about building a brewery just to market test your product,” Pilot Project Brewery co-founder Dan Abel remarked. According to Abel, the brewery serves as a recording studio for brewers.

As a former musician, Abel believes that just as you would not build your own recording studio to establish a music career, brewers should not be required to invest millions in kettles and people in order to brew beer.

“For us in the industry, it’s really tough to scale up from an idea in a garage to something that’s commercial. So having the opportunity to work with Pilot Project is really a blessing for us,” said brewer Bhavik Modi.

Modi began brewing his Indian-inspired beer, AZADI, at Pilot Project in November. The beer is currently available in Indian restaurants around the Chicagoland area, as Modi continues to experiment with new recipes under the name.

Pilot Project’s backroom, located at 2140 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, is dedicated to brewing a variety of beers. The brewery employs personnel to execute the brewers’ recipes.

There is an open-air taproom and a terrace with umbrellas and picnic tables in front. Throughout the week, individuals and teams use the room to collaborate while sipping on what’s on tap. Additionally, patrons provide input to the brewers.

“The feedback we receive has been amazing, and it’s instrumental in really shaping our next group of releases,” said Modi.

Pilot Project has manufactured 200 various products in two years, ranging from beers to hard cider, seltzer to Kombucha, sourced from 12 different breweries. They have permanently placed ten products on store shelves.

“We are distributing all our brands to major retailers in the city… So whether you’re brewing here and on draft here, we’re still featuring you out across the city,” said Abel.