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$5.8 Billion in Student Loan Debt Erased for People with Permanent Disabilities; Khloé Kardashian Slammed for Partnering With Shein, A Chinese Fast Fashion Brand Accused of Copying Designs; Britney Spears is Being Investigated for Allegedly Hitting an Employee; Daniel Craig Tops Variety’s Highest Paid Actor List; Each Hotdog Consumed Reduces Life Expectancy by 36 Minutes

$5.8 Billion in Student Loan Debt Will Be Forgiven for People with Permanent Disabilities

On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona announced the cancellation of $5.8 billion in student debts for borrowers with a total and permanent disability. The plan is one of the Biden Administration’s most significant efforts to alleviate the student debt crisis.

Cardona stated that the ruling eliminates a “major barrier” that previously prohibited many borrowers with disabilities from obtaining the total and permanent disability discharges to which they are lawfully entitled.

“From day one, I’ve stressed that the Department of Education is a service agency,” Cardona said in a statement from the Department of Education. “We serve students, educators, and families across the country to ensure that educational opportunity is available to all.”

The move will affect around 323,000 Americans who are unable to earn a living owing to their impairment, according to the government.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from borrowers with disabilities and advocates about the need for this change, and we are excited to follow through on it,” Cardona said. “This change reduces red tape with the aim of making processes as simple as possible for borrowers who need support.”

Borrowers whose federal debts will be wiped will be identified through a data match with the Social Security Administration. The department stated that the procedure will begin in September.

Following the reforms’ implementation, borrowers will receive notification of their approval for debt discharge in the coming weeks. The department aims to finalize all clearances by the end of the year.

“With this TPD action, the Biden-Harris Administration has now approved approximately $8.7 billion in student loan discharges for roughly 455,000 borrowers,” the Education Department said in their announcement.

This month, the administration extended a ban on federal student loan payments imposed during the COVID-19 outbreak. The break will now last until January 31, 2022, and will be the Biden Administration’s final prolongation.

While Thursday’s statement is encouraging, President Biden has yet to fulfill his campaign promise to eliminate $10,000 of borrowers’ college debt. According to the Federal Reserve, the aggregate student loan debt in the United States is currently estimated to be $1.7 trillion.

Khloé Kardashian Slammed for Partnering With Shein, A Chinese Fast Fashion Brand Accused of Copying Designs

Khloé Kardashian launched her collaboration with Shein, a Chinese label known for its inexpensive clothing and prevalence on TikTok. Along with celebrity stylist Law Roach, designer Christian Siriano, and InStyle fashion director Laurel Pantin, Khloé will judge for the brand’s Shein X 100K Challenge, a new design competition.

Emerging designers will compete for a $100,000 award and the opportunity to be featured in Shein’s Fall/Winter 2021 virtual fashion display.

However, like many fast fashion companies, Shein — which adds roughly 1,000 new pieces every day, the majority of which are under $10 — has been accused of plagiarizing the work of independent designers and artists.

And people expressed their sentiments in the comments section of Khloé’s social media post.

“Is this a joke???? After shein knocks off small designers,” one user remarked, garnering over 2,000 likes.

“Shein is one of the most unethical fast fashion brands,” another said.

“They steal designs, Khloe. Please don’t promote them,” a third added.

Another individual highlighted the negative impact of low-cost, trendy styles on the environment, adding, “Fast fashion is bad for the environment — not cute.”

“Shein takes these issues very seriously and respects the intellectual property rights of artists and designers. We have policies and procedures in place to monitor and swiftly rectify any issues,” a company official told Page Six Style.

Kim Kardashian, Khloé’s sister, has previously fought with fast fashion companies, calling them out for copying the garments she wears in a matter of days. She even won nearly $3 million from Missguided after suing the company for allegedly using her name and likeness to sell lower-priced replicas of various outfits she’s worn.

Khloé is not the first celebrity to collaborate with Shein. Katy Perry, Lil Nas X, Rita Ora, and Doja Cat performed during the brand’s virtual fashion show in 2020.

And earlier this year, Shein hosted another virtual concert, including Nick Jonas, Steve Aoki, Maren Morris, and others. Both events benefited a charitable organization.

Representatives for Khloé did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Page Six Style.

Britney Spears is Being Investigated for Allegedly Hitting an Employee During a ‘Dispute’ at Her Home

Captain Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department confirms to PEOPLE that Britney Spears is a suspect in a battery investigation. A staffer reported that the singer, 39, “struck them during a dispute” while inside her residence. According to a source close to Spears, the alleged misdemeanor battery incident is a complete fabrication.

“Ultimately, that investigation will be forwarded to the attorney’s office for review. It’s a minor misdemeanor battery [investigation],” according to Capt. Buschow, there were no reported injuries.

However, another insider close to Spears tells PEOPLE that she “didn’t hit anyone.”

“The housekeeper was holding her phone, and Britney tried to knock it out of her hands,” the insider explains.

Mathew Rosengart, Spears’ attorney, has not remarked on the incident.

Buschow declined to “discuss the particulars” of the event but stated that misdemeanor battery happens when another person is “physically contacted.”

According to TMZ, the altercation occurred after the employee took Spears’ dog to the veterinarian, and the two disagreed about the dog’s health. Captain Buschow and Spears’ attorney have declined to comment on the facts of the conflict.

The event occurred just days after her father, Jamie Spears, stated that he would not resign as her estate conservator until the “perfect time” came.

“Mr. Spears is willing to step down when the time is right, but the transition needs to be orderly and includes a resolution of matters pending before the Court,” Jamie’s lawyer stated in a new filing. “In order to reach that result, the Court should encourage all interested parties to meet and confer in order to resolve those pending matters in the best interests of Ms. Spears.”

Britney has been campaigning for months to get her father removed as an estate conservator and has accused him of conservatorship abuse. Her counsel petitioned to have him removed from his position. Britney’s personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, previously stated that the action was supported by Britney’s medical staff.

Daniel Craig Tops Variety’s Highest Paid Actor List, Earning $100 Million

Daniel Craig is currently the highest-paid actor, earning more than $100 million due to Netflix picking up his future films Knives Out 2 and 3, Variety reports. According to the article, the figure is so high because Netflix accounts for back-end payments that actors would earn if their films were only premiered in theaters.

Coming in second is Dwayne Johnson, who Variety said will earn $50 million from Amazon Studios’ Red One. While his initial arrangement is for $30 million, the publication reports that it might inflate to $50 million if back-end costs are included.

Variety added that Will Smith’s movie entitled King Richard, a much-anticipated biopic of the tennis stars and siblings, Venus and Serena Williams’ father, and Denzel Washington’s HBO Max’s Pretty Little Things are tied at the amount of $40 million in earnings.

The first female to appear on Variety’s list is the actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who earned $25 million for Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, and Julia Roberts, who made the same amount for her upcoming film, Leave the World Behind. Sandra Bullock lands the second place with a $20 million payday for her role in The Lost City of D where Lawrence reportedly earned $5 million less than her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who ranks fifth on the list behind Smith and Washington.

Craig’s big Knives Out payday was initially revealed in April, following the completion of the acquisition.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed the 2019 box office smash, may also get $100 million from the arrangement. The director, who also directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, spent $40 million on the original Knives Out.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix bought up the sequels for a whopping $469 million after Lionsgate launched the first film in theaters worldwide.

The sequels have since amassed a star-studded ensemble, with Craig reprising his role as Detective Benoit Blanc, the only character from the original film who was carried over to the continuation of the film.

Each Hotdog Consumed Reduces Life Expectancy by 36 Minutes

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature Food, every hotdog eaten decreases a person’s life expectancy by 36 minutes. The study examined healthy life expectancy, defined as the duration of a person’s excellent health and absence of disease.

Additionally, the study says that consuming healthier meals can add minutes to their healthy life expectancy. A handful of nuts, for example, adds nearly 26 minutes to a person’s life, while a peanut butter and jam sandwich adds more than half an hour.

The findings come from University of Michigan experts who developed a standardized method for calculating the carbon footprint and nutritional impact of over 6,000 meals.

Their Health Nutritional Index was developed with the goal of calculating the direct impact of various meals, snacks, and beverages. It works by assessing the health impact of a single gram of any meal and then multiplying that by a regular serving amount.

“For example, we found that, on average, 0.45 minutes are lost per gram of any processed meat that a person eats in the US,” the study authors said.

“The 61 grams of processed meat in a hotdog sandwich results in 27 minutes of healthy life lost due to this amount of processed meat alone. Then, when considering the other risk factors, like the sodium and trans fatty acids inside the hotdog – counterbalanced by the benefit of its polyunsaturated fat and fibers – we arrived at the final value of 36 minutes of healthy life lost per hotdog.”

However, each food item contributes to a unique equation, and individuals do not need to make drastic dietary adjustments to get the benefits, the researchers noted.

For instance, if a meat-eater replaces 10% of their daily calories, 250 for males and 200 for women, with nuts, fruits, and vegetables instead of processed meat or beef, they will add 48 minutes of healthy life each day they maintain this shift.

The researchers noted that this modest tweak has significant environmental benefits, as it reduces a person’s daily dietary carbon footprint by a third.

The Health Nutritious Index considers all aspects of a product’s life cycle, including its production, harvesting, processing, consumption, and disposal, as well as the calorific and nutritional value of a food.