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US Entered into US-UK-AUS Nuclear Submarine Deal; China is Outraged, Calling the Deal ‘Extremely Irresponsible’; Cara Delevingne Slammed for Using ‘Peg The Patriarchy’ Slogan in Met Gala Outfit Without Crediting the Owner; Chris Hemsworth Says He Did Blood Flow Restriction Training to Achieve ‘Arms Like Racehorse Legs’; Nicolas Cage’s Rare Two-Headed Snake Donated to New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo Dies; Snapchat Group ‘Slave Trade’ Created by High School Students Pretended to Auction Black Classmates

US Entered into US-UK-AUSTRALIA Nuclear Submarine Deal; China is Outraged, Calling the Deal ‘Extremely Irresponsible’

China lashed out at the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia for agreeing to a defense technology pact that would assist Australia in developing a nuclear-powered submarine fleet. This collaboration experts believe is a response to Beijing’s rapidly rising military might.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, termed the arrangement “extremely irresponsible” and said the trio of nations “should abandon the outdated Cold War zero-sum mentality and narrow-minded geopolitical stability.”

“Otherwise, they will only end up shooting themselves in the foot,” he stated during a Thursday press conference.

Zhao emphasized Australia’s usage of nuclear energy for its forthcoming submarine fleet, casting doubt on the country’s commitment to nuclear non-proliferation.

“The nuclear submarine cooperation between the US, the UK, and Australia has seriously undermined regional peace and stability, intensified the arms race, and undermined international non-proliferation efforts,” Zhao stated. He also accused the US and the UK of using double standards to their nuclear weapons policies.

The arrangement, according to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has nothing to do with acquiring nuclear weapons, and Australia has no plans to do so. Morrison, US President Joe Biden, and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made no reference to China during the announcement of the accord.

However, some view the security collaboration, dubbed “AUKUS,” as an attempt to rein in Beijing’s fast-rising military might. According to two US officials familiar with the subject, the deal includes a significant subtext aimed at China.

The West has grown increasingly concerned about China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea, where Beijing has bolstered its military presence in disputed waters and heightened tensions with its neighbors.

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China is “embarking on one of the biggest military spends in history,” UK defense minister Ben Wallace told the BBC.

“It is growing its navy [and] air force at a huge rate. Obviously, it is engaged in some disputed areas. Our partners in those regions want to be able to stand their own ground,” Wallace remarked.

Since last year, Australia and China have been embroiled in an unpleasant trade spat, with the latter increasing tariffs and accusing Australia of market manipulation.

Cara Delevingne Slammed for Using ‘Peg The Patriarchy’ Slogan in Met Gala Outfit Without Crediting the Owner

Luna Matatas, a sexual pleasure coach, awoke to hundreds of hashtags for her trademarked phrase ‘Peg The Patriarchy’ on Tuesday, following model Cara Delevingne’s appearance at the 2021 Met Gala wearing an outfit featuring the statement.

But there was no mention of Matatas, who patented ‘Peg The Patriarchy’ in 2018 as a metaphor for undermining the patriarchal system, in Delevingne’s Dior costume or Instagram post, according to Matatas.

Matatas stated that she was originally thrilled to see such a high level of engagement until she discovered she had not been tagged or identified as the owner by Delevingne or Dior. Instead, it appeared as though Delevingne’s co-owned sex toy firm, Lora DiCarlo, was receiving credit from individuals on social media who presumed the connection.

Five years ago, Matatas founded her brand ‘Peg The Patriarchy.’ On her website, she sells apparel, mugs, and accessories, all emblazoned with the words.

Matatas stated that she has already encountered discrimination while growing her business. Delevingne’s team’s ability to “pulling it off as their own” might have a significant detrimental impact on her growth, she stated.

“Being a small business, being queer-owned, being in a fat body, being in a racialized body — these are all things that already create barriers for me in doing what I’m already amazing at,” Matatas explained. “And to have a white, thin, cis body kind of taking a message and representing it in a way without credit to an artist, it says a lot about what the problem is.”

The incident also adds a significant amount of effort to Matatas’s algorithm and SEO. When someone searches for ‘Peg The Patriarchy,’ the link to Delevingne appears immediately. Matatas is also dealing with more knockoff designs of her garments than ever before, she explained.

When Delevingne was asked to explain ‘Peg The Patriarchy’ during a Met Gala interview, she explained that it meant “stick it to the man” and that anyone who didn’t understand what pegging meant should “look it up.”

“It has an impact in ways that are great for raising the visibility of the message, but because it’s not anchored in the awareness that I was trying to bring through the message, it doesn’t serve me in the same way,” Matatas explained.

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Matatas claims she has contacted Delevingne and Lora DiCarlo but has not received a response. She doesn’t expect to, she says, because she can’t afford to go to court. The overflowing support from her community and new followers has been a remarkable aspect of the situation.

Dior and Delevingne did not reply to calls for comment from Insider. Lora DiCarlo’s spokeswoman told Insider that the company “was not participating with the 2021 Met Gala.”

Chris Hemsworth Says He Did Blood Flow Restriction Training to Achieve ‘Arms Like Racehorse Legs’ to Prepare for Thor

Chris Hemsworth’s toned arms are some of his most distinctive attributes, especially given its prominence in his Marvel film role as Thor.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Hemsworth revealed his method for achieving those results, noting that blood flow restriction was a critical technique for achieving the arm definition of a Nordic God.

Hemsworth shared a video of Australian trainer Ross Edgley strapping blood flow restriction bands on his arms before a weight lifting exercise. Hemsworth next performed dumbbell curls, and the device caused his arm veins to bulge dramatically.

“By restricting blood flow and oxygen, the muscles are forced to work harder in a shorter period of time, and a bunch of other ‘sports sciency’ stuff happens,” Hemsworth said in the caption. “Basically, it’s one of the most uncomfortable training methods I’ve experienced but part of the puzzle in growing Thor’s arms to look like the legs of a racehorse.”

Blood flow restriction is intended to assist in muscle development without using extremely heavy weights, but it can also aid in recovery and increase endurance. Athletes at this year’s Tokyo Olympics likewise made extensive use of the tactic.

To restrict blood flow in your arms, you tightly wrap them in an elastic band. This causes blood to pool in the arms and lactic acid to build up.

“It’s very useful for training around an injury that doesn’t allow for heavier loads to be used,” personal trainer Harry Smith previously told Insider. “Blood-flow restriction training forces you to use much lighter loads than you usually would as the restricted venous return traps blood in the muscle, limiting its range of motion to an extent and causes a huge build-up of metabolites and lactic acid.”

This approach enables bodybuilders and anybody else interested in increasing the size and shape of their biceps and triceps to do so without the hazards associated with higher weights.

“The trapping of the blood is going to trap lactic acid,” Zachary Long, Director of Physical Therapy at Carolina Sports Clinic. “As you’re exercising, you’re building up more and more lactic acid… the growth hormone release that occurs in response [to that] is actually higher than what we see with heavy resistance training.”

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However, restricting the blood flow to grow muscle and improve arm aesthetics may have some unpleasant side effects.

“This ‘inflates’ the muscle, effectively stretching it. This sensation is excruciatingly unpleasant and, as a result of the swelling impact, may encourage muscle hypertrophy,” said Smith.

Additionally, the procedure should not be employed by individuals who have high blood pressure, varicose veins, or deep vein thrombosis.

Nicolas Cage’s Rare Two-Headed Snake Donated to New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo Dies

Harvey, a rare two-headed gopher snake, donated to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans by Nicolas Cage, has died. He was considered to be between the ages of 14 and 14.

The snake, which was named after the Batman villain Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face, was given to the zoo by Nicolas Cage in 2008. Harvey’s death was announced by Audubon on Instagram on Wednesday, with the organization noting that the reptile died as a result of “health concerns associated with old age.”

“We are sad to announce the passing of Harvey, the Zoo’s beloved two-headed gopher snake,” the zoo posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of the yellow-scaled snake.

The snake suffered from an uncommon disorder termed bicephaly, which occurs when twins do not fully divide during embryonic development. According to Smithsonian Magazine, many snakes with this ailment do not grow normally and perish before hatching, and only a few survive to adulthood.

Harvey possessed complete control over both heads, “although one was clearly more dominant than the other. Although Harvey had two separate brains, both heads shared a single pair of every other organ.”

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Before donating Harvey to the Audubon Zoo, Cage, 57, had good memories of him. He recalled a gathering at his previous historic New Orleans residence, the LaLaurie Mansion, where Harvey was almost cast in Werner Herzog’s 2009 film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.

“We had a big party, Werner came over, and, at the time, I owned a two-headed snake, which I had spent a lot of money on and subsequently donated to the Audubon Zoo,” Cage told Interview Magazine in October. “But I brought it out, and everybody was freaked out by it. Werner said, ‘Now, Nicolas, we have to put that into the movie.’ I said, ‘No, I’m not putting it into the movie because this is personal.’ So he filled the movie with snakes, iguanas, and alligators, but he never got the two-headed snake.”

A Snapchat Group Called ‘Slave Trade’ Created by High School Students, Pretended to Auction Black Classmates, According to Reports

A high school district outside of Portland, Oregon, is investigating a student’s alleged involvement in a racist Snapchat group called “Slave Trade,” in which teenagers from throughout the United States purportedly hurled homophobic and racial slurs while feigning to auction off their Black classmates.

The administrator of Newberg High School addressed the incident in a letter to parents on Tuesday. At the same time, Oregon state legislators blasted the district’s ongoing campaign to prohibit both Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride banners in its classrooms.

Insider examined Instagram photographs of a “Slave Trade” group conversation. The photographs and message identify the suspected group chat participant as a Newberg High School student. He acknowledged his participation in the discussion and noted that it occurred two years ago in a comment.

According to the images, the Newberg High School student forwarded to the chat a picture of two of his Black classmates with the message “100$ apiece.” “I’ll take them for 150 as a pair,” another chat member said.

More images of Black teenagers were posted in the chat. Users responded with racist and homophobic terminology, labeling several adolescents as gay and wishing to murder them.

“All blacks should die,” a message says. “Let’s have another holocaust.”

Local reporter Ryan Clarke of Newberg shared images of the group conversation with names and faces obscured. According to Tami Erion, the Principal of Newberg High School, one district student participated in the group chat, which the school suspects originated in Michigan in late 2020.

Erion described the scenario as “very serious and inappropriate,” adding that the Newberg community is still grappling with issues of “diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.”

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Oregon state officials, including the House Majority Leader and Chair of the House Education Committee, issued a statement condemning the school district’s new and contentious policy banning Black Lives Matter and Pride emblems.

Newberg High School students and parents have reacted to the report of the incident on social media. Clarke shared a Facebook post made by the mother of a Black student at the high school.

“It makes me weep to ever think about someone putting a photo of my precious daughter up on something so abhorrent,” the parent wrote. “It makes my heart break to see the faces of the young people who WERE put up in that group chat. And please do not ever tell me that racism isn’t alive and well in our country.”