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Walmart and Netflix Launch New Online Store, Featuring Products from Cocomelon, Stranger Things, Etc.; Paul McCartney Claims That John Lennon ‘Instigated’ The Beatles’ Split; Kim Kardashian Mocks Her Family in a Harsh ‘SNL’ Monologue; Kyrie Irving is Expected to Miss Home Games Due to Vaccine Mandate; McDonald’s is Serving Free ‘Thank You Meal’ to Educators Nationwide From October 11 to 15

Walmart and Netflix Launch New Online Store, Featuring Products from Cocomelon, Stranger Things, and Nailed It!

The world’s largest retailer and the world’s largest streaming service have partnered to launch an online store. Walmart announced Monday the debut of the Netflix Hub at, which the retailer describes as the “biggest online retail destination for Netflix consumer products in the US.”

On the Netflix Hub, things such as a Stranger Things music collection and action figures, Squid Game clothes, Cocomelon dolls and a toddler bed set, and an Ada Twist lab toy will be available.

“At Netflix, we love it when stories transcend screens and become part of people’s lives,” Josh Simon, Vice President, consumer products at Netflix, told USA TODAY. “Walmart gave us the opportunity to deliver a shopping experience that sets a new level of innovation for the entertainment consumer products space.”

This is Netflix’s first digital storefront in partnership with a national retailer.

“Netflix fans are passionate about their shows, and we saw an opportunity to bring those stories home in new and exciting ways,” Jeff Evans, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Toys, told USA TODAY.

Evans mentioned the Stranger Things cassette player combo as one of his favorite products. Additionally, a music collection and action figurines from the show will be on display. For fans of Nailed It!, $15.98 baking kits are now available in Walmart shops.

“This is a good example of the kind of exclusive experience we’re creating for our customers,” Evans said. “The kit allows our customers to experience a live Nailed It! event from the comfort of their own kitchen.”

The hub will soon include a crowdsourcing tool called “Netflix Fan Select,” which will allow fans to vote on the goods from their favorite Netflix flicks they’d like to see brought to life by Walmart merchants, Evans added.

“The idea is that we’d like to offer customers the opportunity to vote for merchandise from their favorite shows that they’d like to own,” Evans told USA TODAY. “Think of it like a kick-starter for Netflix products. We will offer a pool of items, and customers will be able to vote for their favorites. Once an item receives enough votes, we’ll work with our supplier partners to develop them at scale.”

Netflix enthusiasts will find “compelling, coveted products in a variety of categories, including music, apparel, toys, and games, for fan-favorite shows like Stranger Things, Nailed It! and Cocomelon, and new shows like Ada Twist” over the coming several months, according to Walmart.

Paul McCartney Claims That John Lennon ‘Instigated’ The Beatles’ Split, Not Him

Paul McCartney affirmed that John Lennon precipitated The Beatles’ breakup more than 50 years ago. He has decided to put the record straight in an excerpt from an interview with The Guardian on how he, Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr parted ways. According to the site, McCartney accepted a large portion of the criticism from fans at the time.

McCartney, who described the separation and its aftermath as the “most difficult period” of his life, addressed the split when questioned about his solo career.

“Stop right there. I am not the person who instigated the split. Oh no, no, no. John walked into a room one day and said I am leaving the Beatles. Is that instigating the split, or not?” McCartney remarked.

“This was my band, this was my job, this was my life, so I wanted it to continue,” he continued.

According to McCartney, 79, Lennon regarded his decision to leave the Beatles as “quite thrilling” and “rather like a divorce.” He stated, however, that the surviving three members had been “left to pick up the pieces.”

McCartney proceeded by stating that the group’s manager, Allen Klein, asked the members to remain silent about the separation until he completed all the existing business transactions.

“So for a few months, we had to pretend,” McCartney said. “It was weird because we all knew it was the end of the Beatles, but we couldn’t just walk away.”

McCartney continued by stating that he became “fed up” of concealing the split and chose to “let the cat out of the bag.”

In 1970, McCartney discussed with a journalist whether The Beatles’ break was temporary or permanent. His response prompted outlets to declare that the rock band had disbanded, according to History. He later sued to terminate the Beatles’ financial partnership.

“I had to live with that because that was what people saw,” McCartney told The Guardian. “All I could do is say, no.”

Following the breakup of The Beatles, the members pursued solo endeavors. In 1968, Lennon divorced his first wife and married Yoko Ono a year later. He was fatally shot in 1980 and died at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City.

Kim Kardashian Mocks Her Family in a Surprisingly Harsh ‘SNL’ Monologue

In her opening monologue, Kim Kardashian made her “Saturday Night Live” debut this week, roasting everyone from O.J. Simpson to Caitlyn Jenner.

Fans of ‘SNL’ were taken aback by how edgy the reality star’s comedy was, as well as her performance.

“Kim Kardashian READ & ROASTED everybody in her monologue,” one user commented on Twitter. “She held her own and delivered.”

“I didn’t have Kim Kardashian being funny on my bingo card,” one fan said.

“I know; I’m surprised to see me HERE too,” she began her monologue.

“When they asked, I was like, ‘You want me to host? Why? I haven’t had a movie premiere in a really long time,'” She added, alluding to her now-famous sex video. “Actually, I only had that one movie come out, and no one told me it was even premiering. It must have slipped my mom’s mind.”

“I’m excited to be here tonight to show you guys that I’m so much more than just a pretty face… and good hair and great makeup and amazing boobs and a perfect butt. Basically, I’m just so much more than that reference photo my sisters show their plastic surgeons.”

“But the one thing I’m really proud of is that no one could ever call me a gold digger. Honestly, I’m not sure how you even become one. So I asked my mom’s boyfriend, Corey.”

“You know my father was and still is such an influence and inspiration to me, and I credit him with really opening up my eyes to racial injustice. It was because of him that I met my first Black person. Want to take a stab in the dark at who it was? I know it’s sort of weird to remember the first Black person you met, but O.J. does leave a mark. Or several. Or none at all, I still don’t know!”

“I’m an influencer, so I understand that the things that I say carry weight, but you know I would never tell anyone what they can or can’t do. Remember, I’m a Kim, not a Karen. And honestly, with all of the ‘K’ names, it’s really impressive that my mom didn’t pick Karen. I mean, somehow, she just knew. I don’t know how she saw that one coming and not Caitlin.”

“Now I know we’re divided as a country, but I would love America to come together, which is why I’m here to announce that I’m running for… I’m just kidding, guys. I’m not running for president; we can’t have three failed politicians in one family.”

“I’ve been very blessed in this life, and I’m grateful for everything. Honestly, all the ups, all the downs. I mean, I married the best rapper of all time. Not only that, he’s the richest Black man in America. A talented, legit genius who gave me four incredible kids. So when I divorced him, you have to know it came down to just one thing: his personality.”

Kyrie Irving is Expected to Miss Home Games Due to New York Vaccine Mandate, Says Nets’ Coach Steve Nash

Kyrie Irving’s availability for Brooklyn Nets home games in the upcoming 2021-22 NBA season has been a question mark.

The vaccine mandate in New York City requires professional athletes participating in public arenas to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and Irving’s immunization status is unknown at the moment. For the first time, Nets coach Steve Nash has acknowledged that Irving will miss home games at Barclays Center due to the mandate.

“I think we recognize he’s not playing home games,” Nash told the media people on Sunday. “We’re going to have to for sure play without him this year. So it just depends on when, where, and how much.”

Nash’s comments mark the first time anyone on the team has admitted the possibility and the expectation that Irving will miss home games. Irving has not disclosed whether he has been vaccinated or not, but he has not practiced with his team in New York and was ineligible to attend the home preseason game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday.

The city, however, determined on Friday that Irving is eligible to practice at the team’s facility, which is considered private.

“There’s just a lot of questions about what’s going on in the world of Kyrie, and I think I’d love to just keep that private and handle it the right way with my team and go forward together with a plan,” Irving said two weeks ago at Nets media day when he spoke with reporters via Zoom. “So obviously, I’m not able to be present there today, but that doesn’t mean that I’m putting any limits on the future of me being able to join the team.”

If Irving does not comply with New York’s vaccine requirements, he could miss Nets’ 41 home games at Barclays Center and their two road games against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Last week, the National Basketball Players Association and the NBA agreed to a pay reduction of 1/91.6 of a player’s salary for each game missed due to non-compliance with COVID-19 vaccine mandates. According to ESPN, Irving could lose nearly $380,000 each game and possibly more than $15 million this season if he skips every game in New York.

Irving missing the entirety of the Nets’ home schedule would be a major blow to a team that opens the season as a title favorite. Brooklyn opens the season with two away games, on October 19 at Milwaukee and October 22 at Philadelphia, followed by six games in New York for two weeks.

McDonald’s is Serving Free ‘Thank You Meal’ to Educators Nationwide From October 11 to 15

McDonald’s is going all this week to express their gratitude. From Oct. 11-15, the fast-food company will provide free breakfast to educators around the country.

The effort is part of the brand’s ‘Thank You Meal” initiative, which began in 2020 to honor healthcare workers and first responders during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 12 million complimentary ‘Thank You Meals’ were served over the two-week promotion.

The ‘Thank You Meals’ are served in a traditional Happy Meal box and include an entrée breakfast sandwich (choice of bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit; sausage biscuit; or egg McMuffin), hash browns, and a medium McCafé coffee or soft drink.

Educators, including teachers, administrators, and school personnel, must visit a participating McDonald’s during breakfast hours and present a valid work identification to receive the meal.

“We’re proud to serve the people who make our communities a better place, and this is an important time to say thank you to some of our everyday heroes,” McDonald’s president Joe Erlinger said in a statement. “…With educators going above and beyond, we’re excited to recognize them in a way only McDonald’s can.”

To help spread the love and thanks even further, McDonald’s is urging people to honor a particular educator in their lives on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram by using the hashtag #ThankYouMeal. They will be sharing the most touching stories on their social channels. A select few will receive complimentary breakfast delivered to their school by local McDonald’s operators. Downloadable Thank You e-cards are also available.

McDonald’s has been a hive of activity this year. They recently announced the return of the McRib and the addition of a pull-apart donut to the fall menu. Their celebrity meals were also selected as one of PEOPLE’s 50 Food Favorites for 2021. The Travis Scott Meal was so popular that several locations ran out of supplies. The restaurant has also teamed with K-pop supergroup BTS, J.Balvin, and, most recently, Saweetie, to create meals as unique as their music.