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Target, Amazon, and Four Other Retailers Offer Incentives for Returning Old Products; The Armorer Who Prepared Alec Baldwin’s ‘Loaded Gun’ Deletes All Social Media Accounts; David Beckham Criticized For Signing a $277 Million World Cup Deal with Qatar; Paris Hilton Donned a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress At Her Bridal Brunch; Michael Jordan’s 1984 Nike Air Ship Shoes Sold for $1.42 Million at Sotheby’s Luxury Sale

Target, Amazon, and Four Other Retailers Offer Incentives for Returning Old Products

If you have any unneeded electronics, video games, or even car seats at home, you may be able to exchange them for gift cards, discounts, or other products. Popular shops such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart offer trade-in programs that enable you to recoup some of the cost of your previous purchases — here are all the specifics you need to know.

When you send in your old electronics and devices, including Kindle e-readers, tablets, streaming media players, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, home security devices, wireless routers, cellphones, and gaming systems, Amazon will reward you with an Amazon gift card through the Amazon Trade-In program. Although you will earn the most points for in-good condition devices, you may qualify for a gift card even if your equipment is not functional.

You can trade in a qualified gadget for credit against your next purchase or an Apple gift card through the Apple Trade-In program. The program is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and Android devices. And, depending on the age and condition of your equipment, you may be eligible to receive a substantial refund. For instance, if you trade in an iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can receive up to $790 in compensation.

Best Buy
Best Buy offers a robust trade-in program that accepts several products, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and smartwatches, as well as cameras, video games, and televisions. To trade in your item, submit information about its specifications and condition online, and you’ll receive an instant trade-in offer. Bring your trade-in item to a Best Buy store or mail it in to receive an e-gift card equal to the trade-in value.

If you trade in your old things, GameStop will give you a choice of cash or credit. The merchant accepts smartphones, tablets, wearables, headphones, consoles, video games, and controllers. To receive an offer for your item, search for it online and then bring it to your local GameStop to receive in-store credit or cash for it. If you are a PowerUp Rewards Pro member, you will receive an additional 10% value.

Target hosts an annual Car Seat Trade-In Event, usually around September. Target stores will take and recycle all types of car seats during the two-week initiative, including infant seats, convertible seats, car seat bases, and harness or booster seats, regardless of their condition or expiration date. You will receive a coupon for 20% off a new car seat, car seat base, travel system, stroller, or select baby home accessories when you trade in your old seat.

Walmart’s trade-in program accepts cell phones, tablets, game consoles, voice speakers, laptops, and wearables. Choose your device and answer a few simple questions to receive your complimentary trade-in offer. Return your gadget for free via FedEx and receive an e-gift card upon receipt and evaluation.

The Armorer Who Prepared Alec Baldwin’s ‘Loaded Gun’ Deletes All Social Media Accounts

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, the armorer who handled the ‘loaded gun’ on Alec Baldwin’s set prior to the deadly shooting, has deactivated her social media accounts. She has deactivated her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts following the publication of photographs of her brandishing firearms.

According to sources, she canceled her social media accounts, including one with the handle “no_son_of_a_gun,” following the horrific shooting. She also appears to have had a financial domination account on Twitter as a side profession, which she has since removed.

The move follows accusations that Reed’s prior employment on a set was halted due to her “giving a gun to a child.” According to two production sources, filming on the location of her latest film was briefly halted after she allegedly gave a gun to an 11-year-old without adequately examining it.

“She was a bit careless with the guns, waving it around every now and again,” a source told The Daily Beast.

The source, who worked with Reed on the Nicolas Cage film The Old Way, shared, “There were a couple of times she was loading the blanks and doing it in a fashion that we thought was unsafe.”

A Rust production staff described the armorer as “inexperienced and green.” There had been at least two prior incidences of firearms being discharged in an unsafe manner by other crew members before Thursday’s terrible incident. It was her responsibility to verify the guns’ safety before passing them over to Baldwin.

Reed previously stated on a podcast that she nearly passed up the job, her first as chief armorer, since she wasn’t convinced she was “ready.”

She was interviewed on the Voice of the West program last month.

She said, “It was a really bada** way to start off a really long and cool career, I’m hoping. I just finished up working on The Old Way with Nicolas Cage, his very first Western. It was also my first time being head armorer as well. You know, I was really nervous about it at first, and I almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but, doing it, like, it went really smoothly.”

According to a warrant from the continuing police investigation, Baldwin was handed the gun he used in the fatal shooting on the Rust film set loaded with a live cartridge. Alec Baldwin was reportedly “inconsolable for hours” following the tragic incident, and the actor “cancels other projects.”

The warrant also stated that the assistant director handed the actor the gun and informed him that it was “cold” before he discharged it, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza on Thursday.

David Beckham Criticized by Human Rights Activists For Signing a $277 Million World Cup Deal with Qatar

Human rights activists criticize soccer legend David Beckham for purportedly accepting a $277 million deal with Qatar Government to serve as its ambassador for the upcoming 2022 World Cup, The Mail reported on Sunday.

The former England captain is set to earn up to $21 million per year over the next decade for the role, which will involve promoting tourism and culture in the Middle Eastern country, according to The Sun.

Beckham visited Qatar’s capital Doha earlier this month to meet with dignitaries and examine stadiums in preparation for next year’s World Cup, according to reports. However, the athlete has come under fire for becoming the face of a country accused of rampant human rights violations.

In Qatar, homosexual actions between consenting men are prohibited and punishable by up to five years in prison. According to a US Department of State study on Qatar’s human rights standards, considerable limits on free expression exist, verified claims of forced labor continue, and there is widespread discrimination against women.

Veteran LGBTQ rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told The Mail On Sunday that Beckham’s endorsement of Qatar in exchange for a lavish contract is “really disappointing” considering the country’s “dismal” human rights record.

“He has made a huge mistake. I hope he will think again,” Tatchell said. “This doesn’t square with his professed support for women’s and LGBT+ rights.”

Rothna Begum, senior women’s rights researcher at the campaign group Human Rights Watch, also expressed disappointment with the deal to The Daily Mail.

“Celebrities who are being paid to promote the Qatari state who consider themselves to be pro-women and pro-women’s rights should be using the opportunity and access to those in positions of power to enquire about things that are happening,” she stated.

Following Beckham’s new agreement with the Qatari Government, some Twitter users expressed concern whether it would be in conflict with his current role as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Paris Hilton Donned a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress At Her Backyard Bridal Brunch

Paris Hilton has shown that she can walk down the aisle in almost anything and still be the epitome of bridal perfection. She wore a toilet paper wedding gown to her small bridal breakfast on Saturday in the backyard of her Los Angeles home.

She and her sister-in-law Tessa Hilton acted as models while Paris’ friends divided into two groups and competed to create bridal attire entirely out of toilet paper in five minutes.

“Don’t give me a brutal veil,” Paris instructed her companions before they began the timer.

Paris opted for an ’80s-inspired wedding gown with padded shoulders and a braided headpiece, while Tessa, 27, opted for a floor-length gown complete with fingerless gloves and a veil. Both appearances were shortly ruined by Paris’ dogs, who began chewing and pulling away at their trains.

Under the toilet paper, the star wore a lovely bridal-inspired ensemble that included a mini-dress with long sheer sleeves. White heart-shaped sunglasses and matching shoes finished the outfit, and her hair was fashioned in a high ponytail.

Her backyard was rich with foliage and pink and white floral arrangements, with black teacups suspended from a string above for an Alice In Wonderland theme, which also inspired her recent bridal shower. Paris and her fiancé, Carter Reum’s portraits, were adorning sweets and sparkling water cans. Harvest salad, smoked salmon frittata, and miniature chocolate croissant cinnamon buns were on the brunch menu.

Paris and Reum, both 40, got engaged in February on a private island surrounded by their loved ones. She knew Reum, a close friend of the Hilton family, for 15 years until they became romantically involved in January 2020 during a Golden Globes afterparty.

The wedding will take place at her late grandfather’s Bel-Air house on November 11.

Paris previously told PEOPLE that the COVID-19 outbreak provided them with an opportunity to strengthen their connection since she traveled up to 250 days a year as a DJ and entrepreneur.

“This is the first time I’ve actually been forced not to travel and stay home,” Paris said in September. “The silver lining is that I get to be with my pets and my boyfriend. We have gotten so close. The amount of time we’ve had together is what would normally take five years!”

Although Paris denied pregnancy rumors in July, stating that they are “waiting until after the wedding,” Paris previously disclosed that they have begun the process of in vitro fertilization to conceive “twins that are a boy and a girl.”

Michael Jordan’s 1984 Nike Air Ship Shoes Sold for Record-Breaking $1.42 Million at Sotheby’s Luxury Sale

The sneakers worn by basketball legend Michael Jordan early in his career have fetched a record-breaking $1.42 million in Las Vegas. Jordan wore the white and red Nike Air Ship shoes during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

This year marked the beginning of the athlete and sports brand’s illustrious collaboration, which resulted in the creation of distinctive shoes and apparel. This deal laid the groundwork for the numerous player-brand relationships that have occurred thereafter.

“The most valuable sneakers ever offered at auction – Michael Jordan’s regular season game-worn Nike Air Ships from 1984 – have just sold at $1,472,000 in our luxury sale in Las Vegas,” the Sotheby’s tweeted.

The shoes were expected to fetch between $1 million (£730,000) and $1.5 million (£1.09 million) at Sotheby’s Icons of Excellence and Haute Luxury Auction at Las Vegas’ ARIA hotel.

“To present such a groundbreaking and important pair of sneakers at this special auction in Las Vegas further solidifies the strength and broad reach of the sneaker collecting community.”

“This record-breaking result for the Jordan Nike Air Ships affirms the place of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan franchise at the pinnacle of the sneaker market.”


The “Air Ship” was developed by Bruce Kilgore and was Michael Jordan’s first NBA professional basketball shoe. According to Sotheby’s, the size 13 sneakers are in “good overall condition, consistent with signs of wear.”

As described in their website, “These White & Red Air Ships are a remarkable artifact in the history of sports and basketball, and have been kept in excellent condition by the Denver Nuggets Ball Boy they were originally gifted to, Mr. Tommie Tim III Lewis.”

However, the Jordans are not the priciest pair of sneakers ever sold.

In April, a business called Rares purchased a pair of Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 1 shoes for $1.8 million (£1.31 million) at a Sotheby’s private sale.