May 19, 2022

9 Children, 1 Adult Killed in Multiple-Vehicle Crash; Man Whose Body Parts were Scattered in Minneapolis Neighborhood Identified; Kim Kardashian’s Father’s Day Tribute to Kanye West; South Loop Residents Form Neighborhood Watch; Gang Life is Responsible for Chicago’s Violence, Not Racism

9 Children, 1 Adult Killed in Multiple-Vehicle Collision in Alabama

According to several sources, ten individuals were killed in an Alabama multiple-vehicle accident, including nine youngsters and one adult.

On Saturday afternoon, just before 2:30 p.m. local time, a multi-vehicle accident happened on Interstate 65 in Butler County. According to AL.com, the incident involved a small SUV and a bus transporting foster kids from the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch located in Camp Hill.

According to Michael Smith, CEO of the Alabama Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches, the young girls from the ranch were traveling back after a trip to the City of Gulf Shores in two vehicles. He added that the first vehicle was involved in the fatal incident and that the girls in the second vehicle were not involved in the wreck.

Additionally, Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond told AL.com that the accident included 18 vehicles in total and several others who sustained non-fatal injuries. “This was probably the most horrific accident in Butler County history,” Bond said.

The incident shut down both northbound and southbound lanes of the road, but they were reopened shortly after 2 a.m. on Sunday, according to AL.com.

According to Butler County Coroner Wayne Garlock, the young girls killed from the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch varied in age from four to seventeen. Their identities have been withheld “because many were in the care of the state,” according to AL.com.

A bystander pulled the bus driver from the vehicle, but when they attempted to return to recover the children, Garlock stated that they could not do so. “It was too late to get back to them because the bus was engulfed in fire,” he said.

Candice Gulley, director of the Tallapoosa County facility, was eventually identified as the driver of the car involved in the crash, Smith explained. Gulley is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital.

In the other vehicle, a father and a 9-month-old girl were also killed. They were eventually identified as Cody and Ariana Fox. According to AL.com, Cody was pronounced dead at the scene, while Ariana died later at the Regional Medical Center in Greenville.

The ranch revealed in a Facebook post that one of its buses was involved in the fatal crash, stating that their facilities “suffered great loss.”

“Please send prayers our way as we navigate this difficult time,” the organization stated.

Police Identify Man Whose Body Parts were Scattered in Minneapolis Neighborhood

Minneapolis police have identified a man whose remains were discovered on Thursday in several places throughout the city.

The remains of Adam Richard Johnson, 36, a Minneapolis resident, were discovered in two locations around two blocks apart in the city’s northeastern district, authorities said Friday.

A county medical examiner’s office has not yet identified the manner and cause of death. Still, detectives believe this was a homicide and are conducting an investigation as such, Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told CNN Saturday, without providing any details.

According to Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder, the first set of body parts was discovered in a grassy area near the Mississippi River Thursday morning. According to CNN station WCCO, the bones were found by a pedestrian.

While officers were doing their investigation, they discovered a second set of body parts a few blocks away, officials said.

Even on Thursday, investigators assumed both sets belonged to the same person, Elder said, adding that the individual looked to have died recently. However, several body parts remained missing. Elder said Thursday night that search dogs were brought in, but no additional remains were discovered.

Authorities believe it was a lone incident of violence.

“There’s zero reason for us to believe that this is any pattern,” Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said at a Friday night news conference.

Since May 1, according to Hennepin County Sheriff Jail records, someone matching Johnson’s identity and age has been arrested at least three times. According to the most recent record, he was released on June 10 after being detained the previous day on accusations of escaping the police, impeding an officer, and disturbing the peace.

According to jail records, Johnson was detained on May 22 for allegedly flinging or spreading “body fluid or feces” onto a transport operator. Additionally, Johnson was detained on May 1 on allegations of purportedly inflicting “intentional damage” and disorderly conduct by the Metro Transit Police Department.

Police were asking for public assistance in cracking the case.

Kim Kardashian’s Father’s Day Tribute to Kanye West amid Divorce: ‘Love You Unconditionally’

Despite filing for divorce earlier this year, Kim Kardashian made a point of honoring Kanye West on Father’s Day.

On Sunday, the 40-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared vintage photos of her fathers, including her former spouse, Kanye West, 44, with whom she shares four children: daughters North, 8, and Chicago, 3, as well as sons Saint, 5, and Psalm, 2.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads in our lives! Love you unconditionally!!!” Kim captioned the images of her late father, Robert Kardashian, Caitlyn Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, Tristan Thompson, and Travis Scott.

Kris Jenner’s own Father’s Day post featured the same group of fathers. “Happy Father’s Day to all of the incredible fathers in our lives!!” she wrote. “Thank you for the unconditional love, the guidance, the support, and the lessons you give to our families. To all the fathers, stepfathers, fathers to be and father figures out there, we celebrate you today!! Enjoy your day!”

Kim and Kanye dated in 2012 and married in 2014. Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February of 2021 after six years of marriage.

Kim is “doing fantastic” nearly four months after filing for divorce, a source previously told PEOPLE. “She was really struggling around the time she filed for divorce. She was very upset about it and really didn’t want to file,” the source added. “She has come a long way since she filed for divorce, though. She’s very happy and convinced that she made the right decision.”

Kanye has now been romantically linked to 35-year-old supermodel Irina Shayk after the two were sighted strolling together in France.

“Kanye is doing well. He had a great trip to France with Irina. They will date long-distance,” an insider previously told PEOPLE. “Kanye will continue to be L.A.-based. He has no plans to move to N.Y.C. His kids live in L.A. He is very focused on business in L.A. too. He likes spending time with Irina, though, and plans to see her soon again.”

South Loop Residents Traumatized by Ongoing Violent Crimes, Form Neighborhood Watch

An apparent never-ending barrage of gunshots, carjackings, and other violent crimes happens every day. Now, the community is collaborating on a potential solution. Marissa Parra of CBS 2 reports on their efforts to reclaim the streets.

It didn’t take much digging into the figures to determine that crime had increased, a trend that has been observed across the board. The South Loop is located just south of downtown Chicago.

“Is a lot of legitimate fear and trauma surrounding recent shootings and carjackings,” said Scott Monaghan.

The Chicago police 1st District statistics, of which the South Loop is a part, indicate that crime is increasing, part of a broader trend.

Consider the following data for the 1st District in the month preceding up to June 13 in 2020 and 2021: Approximately 52 violent offenses were committed last year, including three shootings. There were 62 violent offenses reported this year, including ten shootings.

“What we perceive is an uptick in violent crime. And essentially, we as citizens in police beat 123 are going to take back our streets. This isn’t Gotham City.”

Jim Wales is spearheading the effort to establish a neighborhood watch organization in the South Loop.

Numerous virtual meetings were already conducted. On the other hand, Wales wishes to take it a step further and establish a formal and official in-person collaboration to protect the section of the South Loop between Ida B. Wells and Roosevelt.

During those streets and within the previous week, there was a brutal carjacking on West Harrison on Friday. And the very following day, in broad daylight, a person was shot and killed in their automobile across the street.

Wales’ next step is self-evident:

“To really engage citizens in the South Loop in actively taking part in our community,” Wales said.

Scott Monaghan, a fellow South Loop resident, thinks that a simple answer to a difficult situation may create additional complications.

“My major concern here is that it ends up putting undue burdens on harassing folks who are already dealing with problems like homelessness and mental health,” Monaghan said. “There’s always the chance things can go really, really wrong.”

Gang Life, Not Racism, Is to Blame for Chicago’s Violence, Alderman Declares

According to one city council member, residents in one Chicago ward are “given up” on calling the police because the city fails to protect them from violent crime.

Alderman Raymond Lopez highlighted the violence hurting his people in the city’s 15th Ward and beyond, criticizing Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s law enforcement policies emphasizing structural racism, which are doing little to curb the violence, which is primarily gang-related.

“Generational gang life isn’t just something that’s encouraged. It’s almost revered in some neighborhoods,” Lopez told the Washington Examiner in an interview. Lopez’s district is roughly 67 percent Latino and 22 percent black.

“If you really want to get to what is at the heart of a lot of this, it is gangs, and it is the borderline collapse of the family unit in many of our neighborhoods … [Lightfoot] has avoided calling out gangs in our community as a source of violence in our city.”

Lopez stated that the mayor had taken a reform-oriented approach to policing by tightening the police department’s foot pursuit policy.

Lightfoot has also named the city’s “root causes” of violence is racism, saying it is a public health issue in Chicago, following a municipal health department report revealing a difference of 9.2-year in life expectancy between non-black and black residents.

“I think it’s a foil to avoid having to deal with [gang and other issues], period. Two hundred-plus murders in the city of Chicago, none of them were committed because of racism,” Lopez said. “I can tell you last week’s gang shooting had nothing to do with racism. The shooting in Englewood Monday morning, four people shot, three others injured, was not about racism.”

Lopez self-identifies as a Democrat and supports Democratic policies such as federal gun regulation. Nonetheless, he has publicly departed from Lightfoot and the Democratic Party’s dominant position on crime and policing.

“You’re fighting at an amorphous enemy as opposed to targeting the low-hanging fruit that you can actually win and have an impact on,” Lopez said of Lightfoot’s focus on racism, going further to say the mayor’s Thursday declaration was about pleasing her “white, lakefront, liberal, woke supporters.”

“She’s playing the card to ensure that those that elected her stay with her, even as the city spirals out of control,” he continued.