May 19, 2022

Subway Tuna Sandwiches Do Not Have ‘Tuna DNA’; ‘Beyoncé Can’t Sing’: Trick Daddy’s ‘Unpopular Opinion’; Woman Finds Almost $1B in Her Bank Account; Chicago Police Search Homeless Camps for Suspect in a Brutal Stabbing; Clean-Up Volunteers Flock to Naperville Neighborhood After Tornado

Subway Tuna Sandwiches Do Not Have ‘Amplifiable Tuna DNA’ According to Lab Analysis

The New York Times tested “more than 60 inches worth of Subway tuna sandwiches” from California locations to establish which of five tuna species were used in the sandwiches.

The Subway tuna scandal continues after a lab test revealed no trace of tuna DNA in the sandwiches and wraps tested by Subway.

The New York Times commissioned a lab to analyze “more than 60 inches worth of Subway tuna sandwiches” in response to a complaint filed in January alleging that the chain’s ingredients lack actual tuna. The Washington Post first reported the accusations made by two California residents – Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin – who filed the complaint in the Northern District of California’s United States District Court.

The New York Times reported that samples of tuna from Subway were taken from three locations in Los Angeles. A lab did a PCR test to verify whether the chain restaurant’s tuna included one of five different tuna species. As the site explains, the US Food and Drug Administration’s Seafood List records 15 kinds of fish that can be branded as tuna.

“No amplifiable tuna DNA was present in the sample, and so we obtained no amplification products from the DNA,” the lab study concluded. “Therefore, we cannot identify the species.”

The lab spokesperson added: “There are two conclusions. One, it’s so heavily processed that whatever we could pull out, we couldn’t make an identification. Or we got some, and there’s just nothing there that’s tuna.”

When tuna is cooked, its DNA is denatured, the New York Times reported. This means that test results may be erroneous as a result of the change.

Plaintiffs contend in their January lawsuit that Subway’s tuna is manufactured “from a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by Defendants to imitate the appearance of tuna.” In addition, the complaint claims that the plaintiffs had “multiple samples” of tuna taken from Subway outlets throughout California evaluated by independent laboratories.

A spokeswoman for Subway told PEOPLE: “There simply is no truth to the allegations in the complaint that was filed in California.”

‘Beyoncé Can’t Sing’: Rapper Trick Daddy Expressed His ‘Unpopular Opinion’

According to KMEL, in the now-viral tape of a Clubhouse Talk, rapper Trick Daddy, aka Maurice Samuel Young, can be heard expressing his “unpopular opinion” of Beyoncé’s overall talent.

“Beyoncé f— with her because she sees money. Beyoncé ain’t trying to give back to music or nothin’. Beyoncé doesn’t write music and barely can sing her motherf—in’ self. Beyoncé can’t sing!” He’s heard disputing as Trick proceeds to substantiate his allegations by claiming that his godmother taught Beyoncé, or Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter in real life, vocal lessons during her entire career.

He later took digs at her husband, East Coast hip-hop legend and 23-time Grammy winner Jay-Z, whom he believes should not be awarded the greatest rapper alive. “I’mma say my unpopular opinion right now: Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York. That’s why they are together. Jay-Z ain’t never won the greatest rapper alive. Whoever put him on a level like that?”

“That’s my unpopular opinion. Who are you? How do you feel? If you gotta walk around here worrying about how somebody else feels about how you feel, then you ain’t who you are. That’s my opinion.”

Following Trick Daddy’s harsh comments against Beyoncé, her devoted fans, dubbed the Beyhive, responded to her defense by practically attacking Trick Daddy and one of his facilities.

On Tuesday afternoon, members of the Beyhive flocked to Google to leave nasty reviews for Trick’s Sunday’s Eatery restaurant in Miami.

“Disgusting food. Seriously though. The service was so subpar. Definitely do not recommend this restaurant. They can’t even sing,” wrote Remy Overkempe.

“The food was appalling!!” added Corey Goldman, another member of Bey’s loyal fan group.

“I’ve never in my life tasted such filth. The Lemonade, on the other hand, was divine,” he added, referencing the singer’s 2016 album.

To differentiate Beyhive comments from regular reviews, they were all written alongside bee emojis.

Beyhive members continued their attacks on other platforms. Fans flooded the comments section of the rapper’s personal Instagram page and the restaurant’s Instagram account with bee emojis.

A wave of reviews on Yelp prompted the firm to temporarily block users’ ability to add content on the page.

Woman in Florida Goes to ATM to Withdraw $20, Finds Almost $1B in Her Account

A Florida woman tried to withdraw $20 from an ATM and was astonished to discover that her account has almost $1 billion in it.

When Julia Yonkowski of Largo checked her Chase Bank balance before making a small withdrawal on Saturday, her receipt showed that she has $999,985,855.94 in her account, according to WFLA.

The surprised account holder explained to the outlet that she intends to return the large sum, but she could not contact a live person at her bank.

“Oh my God, I was horrified. I know most people would think they won the lottery, but I was horrified,” Yonkowski told the news outlet.

“When I put in for the $20, the machine came back and said we’ll give you the $20, but that’ll cause an overdraft, and you will be charged, and I said, ‘Oh just forget it,'” she said, adding that she hasn’t touched her account since.

However, Chase Banks spokeswoman Amy Bonitatibus revealed to The Post on Tuesday that what Yonkowski believed was a balance was actually a negative-sum posted by the bank “to draw her attention to an issue with her account.”

“Our local branch and customer service group spoke to Mrs. Yonkowski yesterday to clarify the discrepancy,” the Chase rep told The Post.

Yonkowski earlier told WFLA: “I know I’ve read stories about people that took the money or took out money, and then they had to repay it, and I wouldn’t do that anyway because it’s not my money.”

She added: “It kind of scares me because, you know, with cyber threats. You know I don’t know what to think.”

Before the mix-up was rectified, she informed WFLA that she was unable to contact Chase.

“I get tied up with their automated system, and I can’t get a person,” she told the outlet.

Chase Bank is an American national bank with headquarters in Manhattan, New York City. The bank has 4,700 branches and 16,000 ATMs throughout the United States. It is one of the country’s Big Four banks.

Chicago Police Search Homeless Camps for Suspect in a Brutal Daylight Stabbing of a Grad Student

Chicago police are still searching for the homeless suspect who fatally stabbed a 31-year-old woman identified as a Ph.D. student studying criminal justice at the University of Maryland over the weekend in a brazen daylight attack near the city’s financial district.

Investigators say a grainy security video showed the moment Anat Kimchi was struck from behind while strolling along the sidewalk near the Eisenhower Expressway in the 400 block of South Wacker Drive around 4 p.m. Saturday. The suspect, who has not been recognized, fled and has not been captured.

“As you can see, there is a homeless encampment that is adjacent to where this crime scene is,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown told reporters. “We suspect this is likely a homeless person that secreted themselves in the bushes and came out and committed this heinous crime.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot stated Monday during a news conference that authorities were “scouring the various homeless encampments downtown” for the stabbing suspect – but denied that the crime demonstrates that the touristy area near Willis Tower is unsafe, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

“We know who he is. We’ve got a good film of him,” the Mayor said. “We believe he’s a homeless individual.”

However, Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan stated during a subsequent press conference that police “are seeking the identity and the eventual arrest of the person who stabbed that female.” According to the Chicago Tribune, a witness informed police that the suspect – described as a man in his 30s with dreadlocks and wearing a red bandana, a dark shirt, and light-colored leggings – came out of D’Angelo Park and stabbed the victim.

Kimchi was a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland. She previously attended high school at Rockville, Maryland’s Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. Kimchi’s family stated that she was in Chicago visiting friends and requested privacy as they grieve her passing.

Volunteers Help Clean Up Naperville Neighborhood After Tornado Disaster

It’s been a few days since tornadoes ripped through the western suburbs, destroying homes. Jim Williams of CBS 2 reported from Naperville on Tuesday, when locals spent the day cleaning up and assisting one another.

For Teresa Sims-Moss, her spirit of volunteerism kicked off after searching the internet for “Tornado in Naperville.”

That was all she required to begin her journey from Joliet to a residence owned by an unknown woman. There, she went to work with her daughter Alexandra and her friend Casey to begin cleaning up the yard.

“I homeschooled both during the pandemic,” Sims-Moss said. “And teaching them how to be good people.”

Numerous wonderful folks descended to Naperville’s Princeton Circle. Dan Jones, a volunteer firefighter, arrived at 11:00 p.m. Sunday night, shortly after the tornado struck this region hard.

“That’s what I’ve been trained to do is help people when they’re having a bad time,” Jones said. “So I couldn’t sit on my butt and do nothing. It’s not in my nature.”

There were church groups, the Red Cross, and a large number of other volunteers who had no particular destination in mind.

“I reached out to a friend at church who gave me this vicinity. We grabbed rakes, started walking, and cleaned the yard,” said volunteer Julie Dwyer. “Then we came across this group of volunteers and asked if we could help.”

Julie Dwyer enlisted the assistance of her mother, Lynn, and daughter Lilly. Three generations of selfless giving.

“I love all the volunteers from all over, but I love the spirit of the homeowners whose homes were partially destroyed or totally destroyed,” said volunteer Lynn Genter. “And their kids are helping, and they keep smiling, and they’re so positive.”

Ellie Laneville, a homeowner, was the recipient of compassion from strangers on Tuesday.

“I think they’re sent from above. They’re angels to me,” Laneville said. “They’re amazing people with a heart of gold helping a stranger.”

Laneville is lucky in this regard. She is able to remain at her residence. And the compassion of strangers has alleviated the stress of the last two days.