Tyra Banks Slammed for ‘Disrespectful’ Britney Spears Tribute on Dancing With The Stars

The ABC Dancing With The Stars competition’s Monday night broadcast was dedicated to the beloved music legend. Each participant performed to one of Britney’s iconic tunes.

The supermodel chose to pay tribute to the Princess of Pop by reimagining two of her most iconic ensembles. Tyra, 47, strolled out behind the stage at the show’s conclusion wearing the costume that helped Britney, 39, become a household name – her Baby One More Time ensemble.

Tyra wore a black skirt, a white button-down shirt knotted in the front, and two pigtail braids, much like she did in her 1998 music video. Later in the broadcast, the America’s Next Top Model host paid tribute to Britney to recreate her 2001 MTV Video Music Awards seductive Slave 4 U appearance.

While Britney was famous for wearing a banana python around her neck like a scarf, Tyra chose a more subdued homage to the creature. She shined in an emerald green skintight gown with a sheer corset and a bejeweled silver serpent crawling across her torso.

Tyra’s fans were incensed because she made a “half a** effort,” and some even accused her of “ruining” the ensembles.

“Sooo Tyra wanted just to half-ass the Britney outfit, huh? Not very tributey and respectful on this dumbass Britney nite. Not that I mind, lol,” one user tweeted.

“Tyra is just not pulling off this Britney look at all.” another added.

While another added, “Tyra, you are ruining Britney, boo.”

Another said, “Tyra Banks just ruined Britney’s ICONIC look tf?!”

Some fans slammed the tribute program as a whole, with one stating, “If they REALLY wanted to honor Britney, they wouldn’t let these studio singers butcher her songs.”

“No offense, but I want to hear straight Britney tracks tonight, please. Do the Queen some justice,” another tweeted.

On Monday, Dancing With The Stars paid tribute to the pop diva with the performance of “Britney Night,” following news that her father, Jamie Spears, had been suspended as her conservator following a 13-year court fight.

Tyra has sparked criticism with her ensembles throughout the season, and last week’s decision may be her most expensive yet. She entered the stage in a short burgundy gown with huge wing-like sleeves that stretch out at the sides. Fans couldn’t resist but express their sentiments on social media, with some connecting the unusual clothing to a paper fan or the Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus.

Others commented that the sleeves resembled handheld paper fans and were “tacky.”

Tyra’s stylist, many believed, needs to be “fired.”