May 17, 2022

Elon Musk, one of the world’s billionaires, has stated that he will sell Tesla stock and give the money to the United Nations if it can demonstrate that a small portion of his riches might end the world’s hunger crisis.

Musk was responding to statements made last week by David Beasley, Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, who said that a $6 billion donation from billionaires like Musk and Bezos might help 42 million people who are “literally going to die if we don’t reach them.”

Bloomberg Billionaires Index reported that Musk is currently the world’s wealthiest man and the first individual to be worth more than $300 billion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk presently has a net worth of $311 billion, so a $6 billion donation would represent 2% of his fortune, and would still leave him ahead of Jeff Bezos, the second richest man, by at least $100 billion.

On the other hand, Musk is disputing the World Food Programme’s claim that the amount will end the present food problem, saying on Twitter that if the World Food Programme can demonstrate it, he will “sell Tesla stock right now and do it.” He also sought transparency regarding how the funds would be spent.

Beasley reacted to Musk’s tweet with the following: “I can assure you that we have the systems in place for transparency and open source accounting. Your team can review and work with us to be totally confident of such.”

Additionally, he highlighted that the United Nations World Food Programme has never stated that $6 billion will end world hunger. “This is a one-time donation to save 42 million lives during this unprecedented hunger crisis,” he tweeted.

Beasley of the World Food Programme has been reiterating his appeal to billionaires, urging them to take on the challenge of eradicating world hunger.

“It’s not complicated. I’m not asking them to do this every day, every week, every year,” Beasley stated during his CNN appearance.

“The top 400 billionaires in the United States, the net-worth increase was $1.8 trillion in the past year,” he stated. “All I’m asking for is .36% of your net-worth increase. I’m for people making money, but God knows I’m all for you helping people who are in great need right now. The world is in trouble.”