Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A Better Social Media Process Using Today’s Trending Articles: Elon Musk and Today’s Most Popular Topics to Help Your Business

Imagine your business being prominently featured inside articles that you’re used to seeing online from groups like CNN, ABC, People Magazine and other media outlets with no other competing ads. Those networks have 1000s of trending news articles being read by millions of people every day. Now picture your customers on social media networks clicking those same articles posted on their feeds, but as they read the story they only see your advertising inside the article.

Our innovative platform is now providing businesses with a unique approach to social media. Our system allows businesses to insert their custom advertising inside popular articles that generate 12x more attention than other forms of digital advertising.

Social media content can be frustrating, especially when it seems like you’re putting in a lot of effort but not seeing the returns you want. The main problem with social media is that marketers can’t find engaging content that their customers want to read. Sure, you can post an article about your industry, or an upcoming event, but that’s not going to generate much attention from new customers, or even excite your existing customers. 

If your social media and advertising goal is to increase exposure to your target audience, then Local Trending News does this better than any other social media posting process.

We provide a fresh, unique, and proven way to get the most attention possible from your customers. 

Here’s how it works for subscribers:

  • Sign up and get 4 ads uploaded to your account, which are automatically inserted into 100s of trending and interesting news stories.
  • You’ll get your very own webpage that gives you and your customers access to read all the latest trending articles. These articles then get shared to social media networks.
  • Local Trending News also puts together an informative profile about your business, so your information is part of the featured articles that can be posted to social media. You can even upload your own future articles, or choose which trending articles and information to share with your customers.

Local Trending News will share these articles with your customers on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and others.  

In addition, business owners and social media managers can simply share these news stories themselves, either as regular posts or as advertising content when they use their own Ad Manager on their social media advertising dashboards. 

The difference between sharing these trending articles versus digital advertising is eye-opening. According to research, here is the average click through rate for digital advertising without using trending news.

The service is priced starting at $95 per month, making it extremely affordable for all types of  businesses and social media marketers. 

To start increasing awareness of your business on social media networks, contact Local Trending News at .