Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Netflix Makes Second Round of Mass Layoffs

It is the second round of layoffs for the company, which in May laid off another 150 employees as the company tries to cut...
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4 things about Chicago Bears OTAs

After Wednesday's practice at Halas Hall, the Chicago Bears are back in the game. Unfortunately, after violating league rules, they are prohibited from live contact. Rookie...


Pilot Project Helps Several Pandemic Victims

The Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot Project is a way to efficiently support communities and households that were most affected by the pandemic. The Pilot Project...

Apple AirTag Misused by Criminals & Identity Thieves for Heinous Purposes: Here is How you Can Stop It

AirTags are a super-easy way to keep track of all your staff. Unfortunately, the Apple Airtag is now turning out to be an opportunity...

Millions of People Across India and Bangladesh Affected by Raging Floods and Landslides

Millions of people have been affected after deadly floods hit India and Bangladesh. So far, more than 100 people have died, and the entire...

Was Johnny Depp Offered “$301M Disney Deal” For Pirates’ Franchise Return?

Johnny Depp is most famous for starring as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Disney franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean,” even though he has featured...

Nick Crowley Sued Again

Nick Crowley was sued for excessive force and following last year's decision by City Manager Jim Capparelli and the Joliet City Council to not...
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After midnight Thursday a man died after being shot multiple times while inside his mobile home. According to the Kane County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded...

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