Naomi Gamos

Naomi Gamos

Naomi Gamos is an SEO and content writer based in Cebu City, Philippines. Her love for writing naturally developed from her love of books.

From an early age, Naomi was exposed to the beauty of words from her mother, who is an English teacher in the Philippines. She read her first novel, "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, when she was in elementary school and hasn't stopped reading since. She fell in love with how words can make you feel so many emotions and convey meaning like no other. Books give her solace and time to reflect on herself.

Her love of reading and words naturally developed into wanting to be a writer. So she took up a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines-Cebu, a provincial branch of the premier university in the country. There, she was exposed to news writing and admired how powerful words can be in shaping the general narrative.

She was trained in writing for different media outlets like the newspapers, television and scriptwriting, and radio. She finished her degree in 2019 at only 19 years old. She knew then that writing would always be her first love.

She ventured on as a Marketing and Communications writer for a restaurant chain in Cebu City right after college. Then she took a job in Knowledge Process Outsourcing in the same area.

When the pandemic hit, she was forced to go back home to her province to be away from the bustling city and the virus. But because she can't stay away from writing, she began her journey into freelancing. She signed up for UpWork and took jobs from clients to create legal articles, blog posts, SEO writing, content writing, and copywriting.

She was sent an invitation to apply for a news writing job for Local Trending News. It was her chance to go back to her roots and apply what she has learned along the way. Right now, she is the SEO and content writer for Local Trending News, where she publishes content profiles for clients, news, and lifestyle articles.

In her 23 years of existence, words have been her constant. When she was at her highs and lows, she always wrote. It was the one reliable thing in her changing world. She has continued to use words in providing relevant, timely, and informative work for both clients and audiences.

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