Friday, March 31, 2023

Get your business featured inside

Get your own media network

Now you can have your business exclusivley promoted in 100s of interesting, popular and entertaining articles and have them posted them to social media networks.

Generate huge awareness through consistent branding

Popular articles are of interest to your customers more than advertisements. Articles also include additional headline stories to be clicked with your business inside them. Your business will enjoy consistent and frequent readership by your customers!

Reach more customers for less money

When your business uses popular, trending news articles that your customers want to read, your business gets more attention - more often - and you spend less doing it.

PLUS! We feature your business in an article

Our editors will put together an informative and interesting article profile about your business to be published on our website. This article is optimized for search engines. This new profile lists all your services and information about your business!


A more effective reach on social media

Use today's media headlines to your advantage. Bring amazing attention to your business! When you pull together your target audience on networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other outlets - and then post these stories to their news feeds - you’re using content that generates exclusive promotion for your business. We do this all for you, or you can do it yourself.

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Powerful branding

Our system provides consistency and repitition. Get brand recall for your business as your customers read many articles and also view your business on a regular basis alongside these stories. Research shows that brand awareness usually grows slowly over time. Local Trending News is the affordable way to generate knowledge about your business in the minds of your customer base.

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More length of time on your message

Your business is read and focused on longer than other forms of advertising, as readers are proven to spend more time on our articles versus scrolling through ads on social media. This means better engagement with readers and more attention from your customer base. While they're reading your sponsored articles they're able to click other articles with your ads in them!


Get your business exclusively promoted in today’s top trending news articles.


is the average click-through rate for ads on Facebook.


is the average click-through rate using with us.

$250 one time set up fee includes article profile + 4 ad designs. Prices below are monthly or annual. Cancel anytime.



$950/year (Save $190)

Your business gets:

Share 100s of trending articles with your advertising as the sole sponsor inside them.

Get an article profile about your business, created by our staff, and uploaded to your articles.

Search Engine Optimization of your article profile on Google and search engines.

Monthly posting of popular trending articles published to your customers on social media networks.



$1,950/year (Save $390)

Your business gets:



Weekly posting of popular trending articles published to your customers on social media networks.

Multiple Locations:

Choose different customer profiles and areas; mutliple cities or areas to promote your business. Great for businesses with several locations.


$2,950/year (Save $590)

Your business gets:



Custom editorial articles and videos created for your business or service.

Get a dedicated team who will create 4 unique articles/videos pertaining to your type of business per month.

Industry-specific or SEO specialized articles driving interest in your business.

Our Team

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Alex Rosaroso

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(Graphic Designer)

Shaira De Gracia

(SEO writer)

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Marissa Burgen

(Lifestyle writer)

Mary Kimaiyo

(Lifestyle writer)

Mary Sellers

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