Saturday, April 1, 2023

LeBron James Sent Social Media Into a Frenzy After Shaving his Head Bald

The NBA star finally went with the bald head – at least on Instagram!

On Tuesday, September 20, the famous NBA play LeBron James shared a picture of himself on Instagram stories, seemingly having shaved his head bald. In the photo, LeBron is seen smiling in a barber’s chair.

LeBron’s hair had been the subject of discussion ever since he became famous. His hair has appeared, rescinding at various points in his career. At one time, fans were curious to know if LeBron had received a procedure to move his hairline forward.

The Laker’s star raised some eyebrows in the “Space Jam” trailer since he appeared to have a full head of hair. Some fans who watched the trailer left behind multiple sarcastic remarks regarding LeBron’s hair.

Upon showing off his newly shaved head, many on Twitter celebrated LeBron’s bald look, saying the change was “empowering.”

“Welcome to (the) bald side, my brother; we have been waiting for you,” one user wrote. “@KingJames Some times (sic) we have to let go o our hairlines to find true peace and solace. Now your beard will be the star of the show let it shine.”

Instagram, LeBron James

“Bald Bron” was already trending on Twitter within hours of LeBron sharing his picture on his Instagram Story. Another user wrote, “Looks good! I know people are going to clown him for it. I don’t understand why men hang on to something that’s not there. He should have done this years ago.”

“This will be one of the greatest versions of Bron of all time,” Twitter user Seth Walker said. “No one in the league will be able to stop him this year. May god have mercy on our souls.”

Nonetheless, some fans weren’t so quick to believe LeBron’s new look. They claimed that the four-time NBA champion had probably used a Snapchat or Instagram filter to digitally make himself appear bald without shaving his head in the real sense.

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