Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Scientist Demonstration at Volkswagen Factory Backfires After Staff Turned Off Lights and Went Home

Climate protesters who had glued themselves to the ground of a Volkswagen dealership in Germany were left cold and dark as Volkswagen staff turned off the lights and heating and went home.

Late Wednesday, nine activists from the campaign group “Scientist Rebellion” glued themselves to the floor of Autostadt, a museum and car showroom opposite Volkswagen’s main factory in Wolfsburg, to protest against climate change.

The group promotes themselves as scientists ‘keen to inform the reality regarding the local weather disaster, and act on it.’

They vowed to continue their protest until Volkswagen, one of the nation’s largest carmakers, agreed to influence the German government to impose a maximum speed limit of 62mph.

“There’s an actual hyperlink between CO2 emissions and rising world temperatures,” said Gianluca Grimalda, one of the activists. “Decarbonisation is necessary, and it should occur as quick as potential as a result of the goal for net-zero greenhouse gasoline emissions set via Roadmap 2050 is simply too far off to have a significant effect.”

Volkswagen has been in the limelight, investing in a holistic strategy and promising to assist in making steps toward a greener future. The carmaker has been attempting to reduce the ‘unavoidable emissions’ created during manufacturing.

Moments later, the eco-protesters started complaining when the Volkswagen staff from the museum left for the day, switching off the lights and heating. The demonstrators said they had no food, and staff had refused to bring them a bowl to defecate.

“They refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued and have turned off the heating,” said Grimalda, one of the protestors, who claimed he was on a hunger strike. “We can’t order our food; we must use the one provided by Volkswagen. Lights off. Random unannounced checks by security guards with bright torches.”

Twitter, GGrimalda

Grimalda also complained about his hand, saying it was swollen and that the medics had warned him of the potential risk of blood clots. 

The activists also urged Volkswagen to step up and support their fight against pollution. Online shared photos of the demonstration confirm six of the demonstrators glued to the ground in the entrance of three Porsches. Appearing away from the digicam, the group, wearing lab coats, sat cross-legged on the ground with their fingers glued.

Just after the Volkswagen employees left, extra activists joined the protest and stayed exterior, providing ethical help. Another photo taken hours later at nighttime shows the group sitting in a circle, having unglued themselves from the ground. The headlights of the Porsche can be seen glowing in the background.

Grimalda agreed to leave for medical treatment after a day of protest, though he was arrested. Riot police also arrested the rest of the demonstrators.

Twitter, Agis ilaos_K

“Doctors ascertained the possibility of life-threatening blood clots in my hand and recommended an immediate transfer to a hospital,” Grimalda said. “My health is, of course, paramount. I accepted to leave this wonderful group and was taken to the hospital.”