Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Chargers’ Sebastian Joseph-Day Says He Was Sexually Assaulted By TSA

Sebastian Joseph-Day, defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers, accused a male TSA officer of sexually assaulting him before his flight out of Southern California. 

The incident occurred last Friday morning at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. 

The 28-year-old athlete, who won a 2022 Super Bowl ring with the L.A. Rams, reported what happened in a tweet. 

“I really just got sexually assaulted by TSA,” he reported to followers. “After I asked the gentleman to please stop BC I’m uncomfortable and I feel that this part of the check is unnecessary (After he felt what was needed). Then they told me I was the problem after 3 TSA agents swarmed me. “

Joseph-Day didn’t reveal any other details about the incident. He could not be reached for comment. However, he did add to his statement saying:

“I’m all for people doing their job well. But it was extremely unnecessary and dehumanizing. I’m not sharing this on Twitter for sympathy. I’m sharing this so this group of gentleman and staff aren’t allowed to do this ever again to another human being.”

The football player also tagged the airport, the city of Irvine, Orange County, and the O.C. Sheriff’s Department in his statement. 

A TSA administration official confirmed that the organization is in the process of reviewing security footage and speaking to the officers involved in the incident. 

“TSA is aware of allegations made by a traveler who was screened by TSA officers at John Wayne Airport Friday morning. We are looking into the matter to determine if our procedures were followed and whether any correction actions need to be taken,” a TSA statement said. 

“TSA remains committed to treating every traveler with dignity and respect while carrying out our security screening responsibilities.”

An airport representative declined to comment on the matter. City officials and the county and sheriff’s departments could not be reached. 

Joseph-Day has an impressive record as an athlete. The Pennsylvania native played football at Rutgers before he was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams. 

His last game with the Rams was on Feb. 13,2022 when his team defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-30 at the Superbowl. 

He signed a free-agent contract with the L.A. Chargers a month after the Super Bowl and played in 16 games for the Bolts this past season.