Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Mischa Barton’s Agent Advised Her to Sleep With Leo DiCaprio When She Was Only 19 Years Old

Leo’s in the news again. This time for dating 19 year old Eden Polani. 

We all know by now that Leo  DiCaprio has a track record of dating women decades younger than him, and typically those relationships end when his girlfriends turn 25.

After being spotted with Polani at an LA party, it didn’t take long for the internet to do another deep dive into Leo’s dating past. One interview that was pulled from the archives of the aughts was given by actress Mischa Barton, who states that her former publicist instructed her to have sex with Leo when she was still a teenager to garner media attention and boost her rising career. 

Mischa has starred in All My Children, Lawn Dogs, and most famously as Marissa Cooper on the hit show The OC, which she was acting on at the time of the incident. 

She spoke about the conversation that she’d had with Craig Schneider, her publicist, during a December 2005 interview with Harper’s Bazaar (known at the time of publication as Harpers & Queen). Mischa was only 19 at the time and Leo and his former girlfriend Giselle Bundchen had just broken up (shocker, Giselle had just turned 25). In the Harpers’ interview, Mischa said that she and Craig had run into Leo at a photoshoot, and Craig told her, “For the sake of your career, go and sleep with that man.”

To put things in perspective, Leo’s current girlfriend Eden, was only two years old when Mischa gave her original interview.

DiCaprio and his representation have declined to comment on the situation.